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+I'm Diana + others. I'm fun to be with and easy to talk to but sometimes it's hard to understand me. I blog about everything and everyone. If you're nice to me, I'll be nice to you. Loved by people.


sorry for not updating

i’ll be back very soon :3


i’m thinking of doing a ~favorite people meme

I’m the person that reads your tags.

All of them. 

(via jdbiebers)

Anonymous said: okay and yea. you are nice

thank you :)

i haven’t been blogging that much for like a week because i was super busy but i’m back and hello i will probably change my theme today

Anonymous said: he isn't person he seems in his videos, believe me, i know him, he was not only my sister's classmates, they were best friend like 4 years

i hardly believe but okay?

Anonymous said: yes. he was my sister's classmate.

omG but i don’t think he’s boring i mean he makes the funniest videos and like he’s funny

Anonymous said: ohh no. he is so boring. if you will ever meet him u'll understand

have you met him? are you russian or s/t

Anonymous said: you like roma acorn?

uh let me think YES

mmistletoe replied to your post: omfg his pants and his shoes

who is that?

lol that’s roma acorn google him